Korby Lenker has a soft and delicate voice, writes songs loaded with melody and tune and is getting better with every release.

This is his seventh album and from the opening notes of ‘Northern Lights’ gently plucked acoustic guitar you can feel all stress and care leave your body and feel yourself lying out in the prairies looking up at the stars and just .. being.
The album was recorded by Lenker taking off to his home state of Idaho and recording in places that were of import to him, places with a special sound or that created moods that he wanted to exploit. He recorded hi vocals and guitar in a tent in Snake River Canyon or in his father’s mortuary or any of a doxen other locales that helped him create his music. He then took the part recorded songs and drove around America visiting musician friends to add their contributions to the album.

The result is rather magical.

There isn’t a track here that sounds as though there was a creative ‘process’ – rather they sound organic and completely natural.
There is a rich mix of roots, Americana, folk and Blues, never strident but always deeply committed.

On a track such as ‘Last Man Standing’ with superb Hammond underlying the vocals and urgent drumming that adds to some superb guitar work to a beautiful piano led ballad ‘Love Is The Only Song’ where his voice sounds as though he is on the edge of breakdown I could not find a weak track.

Overall, a delightful album and one that deserves to be listened to in a dimmed room with no interruptions to get the best out of it.