Aaron Paul: Carnegie Hall "LOUD 100" by Eileen Shapiro

The dream of a musical life-time will be realized by pop solo sensation, Aaron Paul this Sunday, February 25 2018, when he debuts on the stage of Carnegie Hall. The former lead singer of British boy band, World's Apart was commissioned to perform for Loud 100, by co-producer, journalist Nathan James, to help celebrate those in the gay community of color who has accomplished something that has made them stand out above the rest.

I have watched Aaron prepare for the event, consumed with excitement and anticipation, and wish him a big congratulations.....

It is a great honor to be asked to sing at Carnegie Hall and an even greater privilege to be asked to sing for an event as the Loud 100, please describe your personal emotions regarding this.

In all honesty, it hasn't actually started to sink in yet. I keep staring at my name on the LOUD 100 poster for Carnegie Hall still trying to convince myself that it's real. Since I started working with the event's co-producer Nathan James on my book I Don't Care six months ago; I've known about this event, so I've been witness to the transformation from concept to actuality and now to be asked to perform for my community and peers who've made such outstanding contributions to popular culture - news, sports, music, politics etc. - I am humbled.

What will you be performing and why have you selected your choice?

Trying to decide what to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall has been the toughest of the decisions I've had to make. The challenge is mainly rooted in the conflict of performing a song that appeals to this audience, is appropriate for the famed venue but that is also true to Aaron Paul. At the same time, I have brand new music to promote. I want to walk away with the memory from this experience that I honored the cause, the audience and the venue that is Carnegie Hall.

What are you most excited about regarding the event?

Walking through the doors of Carnegie Hall, taking a deep breath and saying to myself, "Aaron you're at fucking Carnegie Hall." I always see myself with dreams too big from South London. Fast forward and I'm doing what I love to do at Carnegie Hall in NYC is mind blowing and such a high. It is a check off my list.

What does the event mean to you personally?

To be involved with an LGBTQ event that is taking place at Carnegie Hall for just the second time in history is just amazing. The fact that the LOUD 100 recognizes LGBTQ people of color; that being a part of my heritage, makes it that much more personal for me.

What's next for Aaron Paul?

A vacation (LOL)

Right now I seem to be on a nice path and people are paying attention on a mainstream scale. The real work is actually just beginning. My new album DANCE is being released in the early spring with my autobiography I Don't Care to follow. We've also just wrapped up the music video for the new song POP STAR directed by GLAM award nominated Billy Hess (our third video together). This year, my goal is to make myself visible on television and film. (a recurring role on a show like EMPIRE - HINT HINT - would be just fabulous. A Hollywood fantasy sci-fi feature would be just as awesome!)

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Photo credit: Billy Hess Photography
Make up & Styling: Mark De Alwis