17 year old Rika is a young Londoner with big dreams. Having first caught public attention two years ago with the viral hit For Peace In Syria, Rika found herself championed by BBC Radio 1 when she unveiled debut single No Need last year. Armed with a new single, The Others, Rika is determined to dominate 2018.

Some people may recall your 2016 release For Peace In Syria, what prompted you to record the song?

I wrote it back in December 2016 when Syria was on the news 24/7. Seeing it so often and all the distressing images of children really gets to you subconsciously. So I thought to myself, I want to help in some way. And I fell the universal language of life is music, so I wrote and composed a track advocating for the peace for the children of Syria, considering I am a kid myself. It got such an immense reaction with almost 1 million views on YouTube, which I feel really blessed about as it shows how that many people feel the same way I did when I wrote the piece.

Your debut single No Need garnered support from BBC Radio 1, how has that altered your ambitions?

My new single has also gained support from BBC Radio 1, and it means a lot to me that they’re supporting all sorts of artists, young or old, pop or rock, and playing them just as long as it’s good music. It has made me aim even higher and want the absolute best result I can obtain.

Your new single is The Others, can you tell us about the thought process behind the song?

The single is about that special someone and how they’re “nothing like the others”. I personally don’t have a special someone in my life. I co-wrote the song with Karen Harding, who had the UK top ten hit in 2015 called “Say Something” and my producer David King and it was a blast! They probably have a better experience in this field than me.

Do you know instinctively in a songwriting session that a song is going to work?

Yes, you can guess by the vibe and what the melodies are like if the song will work out, I deffo have more songs which didn’t work out than those I do. Its a process.

Is there anyone you dream of writing with?

I would love to write with Bruno Mars, he is so talented and smooth with his words and voice, its so captivating.

You are still only 17, but have achieved a great deal. How has success altered your career vision?

It hasn’t. I am still really humble and really focused on the main goal which is to make great music.

Both 2016 and 2017 proved successful in their own ways, what is the biggest goal for 2018?

Probably to perform at some big festivals and release a bigger project!

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