Highly Suspect is one of those bands I happened on by chance & instantly I was hooked. The Massachusetts trio perfectly blend hard rock & blues to create music that makes you want to dance like a nutter but also tugs at your heart with their lyrics.

As soon as the band walked on stage I knew I was in for a good show. With a hip-hop entrance, Johnny owned the stage from the first second; he knows that he owns it but not in an arrogant way & that is what gives this band such electricity in their live performances.
Within two seconds of playing the first song, ‘Bath Salts’, a mosh pit had opened up, everyone was jumping up & down & I managed to narrowly avoid tripping over a lost shoe. The energy was insane & kept up throughout until ‘Round & Round’ was played. Johnny took to the guitar whilst Rich on bass took over the vocals & it was faultless. The smooth soulful voice & epic guitar solo had everyone swaying in unison, lighters ablaze & phones held high.

‘Lydia’, one of their most popular songs, got everyone back on their feet & jumping up & down (I don’t think I have ever been so sweaty at a concert before) which meant we could squeeze our way to the front & that just made the gig even more enjoyable.

None of Highly Suspects songs disappoint; every single one is a perfect blend of lyrics, beautiful music & Johnny’s voice, which seems like it belongs to someone older but suits him & the songs perfectly. One thing I love is that they sound just as good as their studio recordings, perhaps better & everything else on top is a bonus.

During the encore we had the drummer & bassist crowd surfing whilst Johnny danced barefoot across the stage, just like he was stood in his living room at home; his ease at being on stage makes you feel so much more welcomed into their performance, almost like you are there dancing with him.

These guys are definitely only going to get bigger as they go, it’s no surprise that they have already been nominated for three Grammy awards. If you get the chance to see these guys on tour YOU MUST GO. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Songs to listen to –
My Name Is Human
Bath Salts
Send Me An Angel