Trixie Mattel is something of an underdog on RuPaul's Drag Race. Having first appeared during seventh season, which saw Violet Chachki soar to victory, while Trixie suffered two eliminations (Week 4 and Week 10), she is back for All Stars 3 having amassed a huge following in the aftermath of the show. While perhaps most celebrated for her truly hilarious and often insightful collaboration with Katya, she has also impressed audiences with her music releases. Having veered away from the generic, but addictive dance tracks favoured by her fellow Drag Race peers, she has become Country and Folk's first ever Drag Superstar. With her debut release having reached #5 on the UK's Official Country Chart, her latest tour Now With Moving Parts promises a mix of dark humour and poignant songs, but does it deliver?

Without hesitation or doubt this is a must-see show. Trixie Mattel is a true breath of fresh air. While show opener Rujazzle delivered an enjoyable but predictable set, as Trixie Mattel appeared on stage after a projected introduction worthy of any tour by today's biggest pop talents, she immediately captivated audiences with her quick wit and an impressive rendition of debut single 'Mama Don't Make Me Put On The Dress Again'.

With the audience propelled into a sing along frenzy from the very outset, the show's bounce between gig and stand-up show is perfectly pitched. While musical highlights include a folk reworking of RuPaul's 'Cover Girl' and a hilariously abandoned cover of Spice Girls' 'Say You'll Be There', the humour was dark, cutting and perfectly precarious. Although the hour and half long performance was not without technical hiccups, Trixie found the humour in the moment rather than allow a hole in the stage to swallow her whole.

Closing the show with sensational new single 'Moving Parts', Trixie allowed the moment to fuse her comedic charm with a poignant reflective moment that left the audience on the edge of tears, while unable to contain their laughter.