John Bramwell finds acoustic comfort on debut album, Leave Alone The Empty Spaces.

This may be Bramwell’s debut under his real name but, it’s certainly not his first time round the block. Music fans may be familiar with his critically appreciated mini LP you, Me and the Alarm Clock, under previous stage name Johnny Dangerously. He has also served as lead vocalist for the band I Am Kloot.

The name may have changed, but a focus on melodic acoustics and sharp lyricism remains on Leave Alone the Empty Spaces.

The record seeks to intrigue, with a piano organ instrumental opening. While sounding nothing like the rest of the tunes, ‘A Field Full of Secrets’ still proves to be a tantalising invitation into Bramwell’s world.

The prelude sets the stage for the listener, ensuring they’re ready to embrace John's poetic pondering.

One of the great things about this album is its acoustic simplicity. Slow tranquil guitar permeates the tracks as the listening experience breezes by.

With his warm vocals rounding off the peaceful mood, Bramwell sings about savouring the little time we have on this fair planet (‘Times Arrow’), letting go of the baggage of cynical indifference, (‘From The Shore’), and time spent just shooting the breeze (‘The Whipperwill’).

Elsewhere, ‘Sat Beneath The Lightning Tree’, showcases the singer’s cheerful intrigue about the mysteries of the world, dreaming big, and living life to the fullest.

The former I Am Kloot front man dreamily offers:

“Can you find a little space for the stars still unbelievable, the moon upon its pedestal sat up in the sky. So let’s take a little walk, we have still a little time, before the money that you save takes possession of your mind”.

At its best the album provides a warm environment with an uplifting poet at its core, who is ready to not only seize the day, but to enjoy it while doing so.

The project is a great listen, but it is a very short one. With just nine songs, listeners might be disappointed to find that this includes the opening instrumental and ‘Tallulah’ which is also sparse on lyrics save for a few sentimental lines about love.

While, these are enjoyable additions, the light on lyric approach is disappointing given that this is where the musician’s strengths lay.

The Englishman, conceptualised the project whilst travelling around the UK, and it seems as if his wanderings have done the trick. Leave Alone The Empty Spaces is a bright and burdenless journey that wants to take you along for the ride.