2014 saw the release of Thea & The Wild's sadly much-overlooked debut album Strangers and Lovers. A stunning collection of addictive forward thinking, yet surprisingly nostalgic pop compositions, it should have been an epic global hit. Fast forward four years and their return with nine-track album Ikaros sees them surrounded by the hype their debut deserved, but does the album itself deliver the goods?

Ikaros doesn't necessarily simply pick up where Strangers and Lovers left off, but it does find itself in a similar musical arena. However, it is somewhat bolder and bigger than it's predecessor. If this album doesn't set the music world on fire, then something is wrong with 2018.

With a heavier leaning on the electronic and an an unafraid approach to making bold statements, Ikaros is a compelling and addictive listen from start to finish. With Thea's distinctively soft but determined vocal centre stage, this is a release that will make your hips sway as heavily as your heart pangs.

Opening track Dark Horse starts proceedings in style, however it is with the irrepressible anthem When A Kiss Becomes A Habit that you realise you have stumbled upon your new favourite album.

Showing that the political, Power Is A Lonely Place, and personal, Why Did You Go, have both proved key shaping forces behind the release, this is an album you will wish lasted just a little longer. Thank goodness for the repeat button.