Out of Zurich Switzerland comes dream-pop singer, songwriter and producer Ámaris. Her latest solo record includes 12 tracks that feature her signature deep coo and minimalist hooky, pop production. With the snaps as percussion under swerving synths and airy pads, and her low register delivery, comparisons to Lorde could easily be made. On her second solo record Neon Colors, she explores themes of love, perseverance, and alienation through frequent allusions to the cosmos.

The album begins with a warm ringing sheen. Ámaris' voice enters with fortitude as she likens her leaving lover to an astronaut departing for good in 'Deep into Space'. Her voice is calm but steadfast as she tells herself she must let go. Tambourine and finger snaps hold down rhythmic duties under a chic piano and airy synthetic strings. 'Unsigned' picks up the pace a bit with a skip and hop beat with a sucked in kick and hand claps. She acts as her own backup singers hitting a certain Annie Lennox stride. Ámaris details her freedom from attachments in this catchy number.

The space themes continue with 'Critical Orbit' and 'Alien Games'. 'Critical Orbit' centres on nebulous synth pads and the signature snaps and tambourine while 'Alien Games' uses a more classic synth as its base. The title track closes out the album with a retrospective, looking back on her experiences like viewing a painting of her life.

Neon Colors shows off a powerful voice that doesn't have to grandstand with exaggerated whoops and dives to demonstrate its strength. Ámaris voice is hearty and affecting showing force and vulnerability simultaneously. The production is suitably airy and mysterious, though, at times the minimalist template becomes slightly overused. Adding some variation to the rhythms would lift the album up to the next level.