Ghalia has a little girl sass in her voice and the sexiness of a siren and I have to say that matched with Mama’s Boys (hailing from New Orleans) they make a helluva fine noise.

She originally hails from Brussels but took herself off to the US to ply her trade as a busker and jobbing singer while she developed her style. She played all over the south including Memphis, Nashville, Mississippi, Chicago and, of course, Norleans, developing a following and picking up some rare experience.

Ok, enough biography. Musically, Mama’s Boys have a strong touch of Canned Heat about their boogie and no shortage of classic chops. Johnny Mzastro’s harp playing has real soul and no little groove while Smokehouse Brown shares guitar duties with the lead lady and really delivers some top riffery. The engine room of Dean Zucherro (bass) and Rob Lee (drums) chug along with great pace and rhythm. Ghalia’s vocals are smoking and sexy as hell and she certainly knows how to write a song.

This isn’t groundbreaking or radical but it proves that there are some excellent musicians around and the Ruf production line seems to be finding them with ease.

Top album for my first review of 2018.