With Happy New Year hats strewn around the venue it was seasons greetings all round this nearly New Years party with The Southern Companion hosted by Nashville Nights.

A jubilant audience welcomed the band and it did not take long for the 5-peice to get their toe-tapping jamboree into full stride.

Sporting an impressive beard and wearing the classic checked lumberjack shirt (what else) Darren Hodson led his band merrily towards the New Year.

It's amazing the power of music. Sweet melodies and backing vocals transported us to Nashville. The red illuminated 'draught beer' sign played it's part as did the crowd easily mistaken for extras from the recent Nashville series. It also has to be said that Under The Bridge is a truly state of the art venue. Crystal clarity of sound, great views of the stage - almost everywhere - and perfect lighting complete the Americana spell.

From the new album we had 'Songbird' whose nostalgic vibes had the ample crowd swaying in unison. Followed by one more new track 'Billy brother' which was another appetizer from the forthcoming album now "in the can".

As slick as a Tennessee Oil, The Southern Company saved us all a return airfare to Nashville for the evening. We left In high spirits but it wasnt long until the rail replacement bus service and biting cold brought us back to reality. A great show at Nashville Nights.

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