Rambow has quite a history and it all seems to pull together into this release – a very fine EP that features two new songs and 2 from his legacy.

The title track has elements of folk, Americana and even some Dylanesque protest. Soft and slow but deeply emotional and very much a song from his heart. Paul Cuddeford plays fine guitars (and offrers a quality production) while Gary Liedeman’s bass has much more to do than the average plonker and Stephen Gilchrist’s drums provide a wash of sound that just serves to emphasis the lyrics.

The other new song is ‘I Sold My Soul To Rock & Roll’ which kicks like a mule and has a terrific sense of humour.
Of the two older numbers ‘Love Is A Hard Time’ dates back to 1981 and features production by Chris Thomas – one of those rare numbers that still sounds fresh today, rather than retro, and presages a welcome re-release of the album ‘Jungle Law’ it is taken from.

Finally, ‘This Modern Age’. This was intended to be Rambow’s second single for Chrysalis back in ’75 but instead led to the breakup of his relationship with them. Blue Weaver’s keyboards are superb but it does sound a little muted. Deep down there is a fabulous single – maybe time to re-record it?

Good to see him back and a cracker of a lead track.