It's Broken, the new five-song EP from Houston Texas producer Reflexson is a chilled out mini cyber-symphony that takes the listener through a day in the life. Rarely pandering with the typical electronic tropes, the tracks have an innate musicality and natural flow, in spite of the frequent incursion of the overtly digital. There is intensity where needed but rather than obsessing on epic builds and drops, the music has a less amphetamine-induced quality to it. However, the ethereal soundscapes will have your serotonin spiking in other ways.

'Shattered' opens with a beautifully shimmering guitar. Its trails echoing out to the heavens like drifting wisps of cloud on a breezy afternoon. A light ambient aura engulfs the track. Synths wizz and sputter below like everyday 21st-century background. Imitating birds caught in an updraft, the lead calls out in liberating whoops. Somehow technology and nature are all vibing in synergy in this sweet summer day track. 'Disconnected' does justice to its title with disjointed vocal samples over an ever flourishing sonic landscape. Reflexson's dial-up modem noises once again get woven into the song in a very organic way, with the tremolo effects creating some digital equivalent of ocean waves in an electronic sea.

The EP's finale 'Frame Break' is conclusory in all the best ways. The track has this great clairvoyant feel of looking back after a journey and seeing all the trials, lessons and victories along the way. Reflecting on your path and feeling that sense of being on the precipice of something new, like the ending to all the best films. With this lyric-less piece, Reflexson is able to convey a certain indefinable state that we all arrive at some point along the way.

This EP serves as Part 1 of an album to be released in the new year. If he follows suit, the next piece will be very complimentary, fusing with It's Broken to create a lush piece of electronica. In the meantime, drift away to this living cyborg of an album.