Jane Lee Hooker are a modern Blues band with a decidedly punk-laden twist to their sound. Their debut album was a cracker and this one matches it in every way, even surpassing it in terms of their band identity – they actually have their own sound now.

The individuals who make up Jane Lee Hooker come out of bands such as Nashville Pussy and Bad Wizard and they have been together as a band since late 2012, playing all over NYC and appearing in Europe on shows like Rockpalast in Germany – as the band say “That was definitely a bucket list moment for us and a really big deal”.

The thing that strikes me about this album actually comes from the album name ‘Spiritus’ – this is raw, hard-edged Blues from the soul and as they have managed to eschew all the fakery of the studio, recording this live in the studio and giving the album all the sass and snottiness of their live shows, they have truly managed to keep it real.

The band explained “We wanted to have an album that people would listen to from beginning to end and find something to love about every song."

Favourite songs? ‘The Breeze’, a stunning Blues ballad that gives the band the opportunity to jam and stretch out, hits many points on my personal compass and ‘Black Rat’ which is straight up punk and as subtle as a punch in the mouth. Add to those ‘Mama Said’ and a stunning version of ‘Turn On Your Lovelight’ and you have to just dig in and enjoy the ride.

Another cracker from Jane Lee Hooker and another album I can’t prise off my decks.