For the launch of their new single ‘Hitch That Ride’, hard rock trio Boyfromthecrowd took to London’s The Cavendish Arms, where the music video for the new single was shot, for a special night of rock’n’roll.

Kicking off the night with ‘Surrender To The Exercise’ and smoothly running into new track ‘Say What You Mean’, front man Vinny Piana’s gravely, gritty vocals immediately pulled the audience into their own little punk rock world.

Showing pure unity throughout, Boyfromthecrowd was held together through Vinny’s intoxicating guitar riffs and unforgettable solos that proved just how musical talented the front man is. However drummer Chris Britain took most of the control, with the rest of the band taking timing from him as he effortlessly pounded the drums all night long, whilst laid back bassist Ben Jasper kept his cool, pumping out a corpulent bass lines.

The true highlight for many it seemed was the new single ‘Hitch That Ride’, which every member of the audience was there to celebrate the release of. With full on punk attitude, old fashioned rock’n’roll and topped off with that slight garage sound, the single went down a hit.

The groups interesting blend of hardcore garage rock, with a sprinkle of blues, created a uniquely captivating performance. Thrashing back and forth between emotions, Boyfromthecrowd’s music takes you on a blues-rock hybrid journey, demonstrating how the maturity, passion and diversity of the band shone through.