In some ways I wish that Mollie Marriot went under another name – a lot of people are missing out on a fabulous singer and performer because she is not a clone of her late father.

This is a lady with a sultry and sexy voice, smoky and full of soul and really capable of carrying a song. There are very few singers around today with this level of capability.

She sings in many different styles and genres, from the upfront confidence of ‘Control’ – her first single – to the title track with its pleading tone and dark and brooding lyrics – the haunting howl in the chorus is chilling on a decent system.

‘Run With The Hounds’ has the feeling of a classic Fleetwood Mac number – the post-Greenie Mac – with huge, vaulting soundscape but it is in the breakdown that her voice really comes through and her sense of a soul number is impeccable.
‘Transformer’ takes the music to a much darker place – Marriot says of it “I turned up to the session with the lyrics to the first verse. I was thinking on the train how much I changed when I was with a man. I was never myself and always morphed into what they wanted mainly much to my detriment. I thought it was quite powerful and something that a lot of people can relate to. I wanted the music to be very haunting in this to mirror the message of the ghost of your former self. It was important that it made people feel uncomfortable. It's my favourite to sing, as it's a constant reminder to just be me and the right person will accept it.”

My favourite though is ‘Love Your Bones’ which has a deeply emotional element and her voice just drips with shattered feelings over the loss of a dear friend.

The album is superb, as was her performance when I saw her at the Borderline earlier in the year, and it doesn’t just announce her as an artist with a talent and a history but as an important singer on the UK scene.