The O2 Academy in Islington can be a really unforgiving place for a support artist unless they have something special to offer and Steve Hill most definitely had that ‘something’ about him.

He is that really rare thing, a musician that plays as a ‘one man band’ without being compromised by having to play the guitar, sing and play percussion at the same time and it is no insult to him to say that I was amazed not to see a bass player and drummer step out to take their bows with him after a superb little set of rocking Blues.

The seven songs he played showed all the skills he has including some very fine guitar skills – especially his slide work – and the fact that he is a very good drummer as well.

After the first few moments of opener ‘Damned’ he seemed to relax and settle into his show, mixing in numbers from all three of his albums – imaginatively titled ‘Solo Recordings: Volume 1, 2 & 3’ – and closing with Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’.
In the midst of this was the new single ‘Dangerous’ and the heavy Blues riff and his hoarse vocals really went over well.

The crowd reaction to him was excellent, very supportive and cheering loudly – not the normal reaction to an unknown support act but he has a really warm character and engaged with the crowd from the off.

I can’t wait to see him headlining and playing a full set – a very real talent and one to watch in the future.

Picture by Eric Duvet