Jim Lauderdale is one of the world's finest ever songwriters. Having penned more hits than we could ever name, he is a modest presence who focuses more on his craft than the crazy world of fame and fortune. His latest record, London Southern, saw him relocate to the UK for the recording. He returns again this month for a series of shows, so we caught up with him to find out a little more.

Hi Jim, we absolutely love London Southern. Tell us a little about the thought process behind the album.

I'm glad you like the album. Thank you. My thought process behind the album was to go over to England and record, which is something I have never done. It came about by me seeing Nick Lowe at the Ryman Auditorium when he was touring with Wilco. I asked his sound engineer, Neil Brockbank, if he thought that might work. Neil put it together. I had toured opening up for Nick Lowe, who is one of my heroes, in 1995 in the US and Europe, so I knew some of the band members already from that tour. It was just an amazing experience.

This record was written to be recorded on England. It was written for the album, expect for one, which I had already written before but I felt after we started recording the album that it would fit really well. Everything was just written for the album itself.

Is there a song on the record that is most special to you?

I think the song I Love You More is the most special song on the record to me.

What is the decision process as to which tracks are released as the singles?

I usually just tell the record company what I am thinking would be my choice. At the same time I ask for feedback from them, as I could be wrong. I look at their decision and I feel Proper Records has done a really good job.

The latest single is I Love You More, tell us about it...

The song I Love You More, which is the latest single, and my favourite song, is a song I had started before. I had the title and just a bit of the melody. I only had a few days to come up with as much material as I could. I wrote that song after the first of four shows I did in the UK as warm up gigs before I went in the studio. I was in Glasgow and the song was finished after the gig that night.

Our heart melts when we listen to it. What is the best and worst feedback you have received for the song?

I've just gotten good feedback. I haven't got anything negative on that. People like the song and they like the strings, which was Neil Brockbank's idea. I fought him on that at first, then I decided to give and see what it sounded like. He was right.

You are headed back over here again for a series of shows, what can we expect from your set?

My set when I come over will feature songs from the new album, London Southern. I will also throw in some favourites of mine that I have written. I might even try a few news ones.

You are teaming up with Brandy Clark for the shows. Can we expect any on-stage collaboration?

I hope that Brandy will have me join her on a song singing harmony. I'd sure love that to happen.

What do you enjoy most about touring in the UK?

I am very fond of the UK and enjoy coming over. I just really like to interact with the audiences. They have been really great.

Country has really exploded in the UK over the last few years. Are there any British country acts you would like to work with?

I have heard quite a few great bands and artists in my travels. There is one performer who I have been listening to for a long time and think is one of the greatest singers ever. Van Morrison. He sings country quite well. He sings everything quite well. I'd really love to work with him.

Lastly, having worked in so many genres throughout your career. How do you define your own artistry?

I enjoy writing and singing in several different styles. Mostly soul, country, bluegrass and blues. I love to work in all of those styles, so I am just going to keep doing it. That's who I am, just a little bit of all those styles.