Alabama's Drake White has not been in rush to release material. While he dabbled with an independently released album back in 2011, he released his major label debut single in 2013 but waited until 2016 to unleash the phenomenally awesome debut album Spark. Having wowed country fans the world over with his stunning melodies and magical lyricism, he returned to the UK last week for a series of shows with Kip Moore. We caught up with him to find out how the distinctly American sound relates to UK audiences.

Hi Drake, how have you enjoyed the UK?

Being in the UK has been a great experience. The fans have been phenomenal and I got to share all the shows with my wife, mom, dad and band.

The success of country over here is really growing. How does that impact your international ambition?

The impact is massive as I've always seen my music as nomadic and had the desire to go all over the world playing. Our hope is that the foundation we are building with our fans over here will build a life long home for sure.

How do UK audiences differ to those in the US?

They are the same in many ways. I've heard people say that the UK is more attentive but I'm not sure that’s exactly it. There is appreciation over here that multiplies each time we come that we can see/hear. Crowds multiply quicker and word seems to travel through the fans faster, making the growth exponential from show to show.

Have you been able to explore Britain? If so, what do you make to it?

Yeah! I love the hospitality, the straightforwardness, the walking and bike riding culture, the laid backness, the overall just coolness of the place. ITS GREAT!

Are there any British artists you would consider collaborating with?

YEA!! Ed Sheeran.

Your debut album Spark has been met with critical and commercial success, did you anticipate the response?

I'm always careful about expectations when it comes to my art but YES I made the record for folks to be moved by it.

Which song on the collection do you enjoy playing most?

Making Me look good again if I had to choose. Hard question to answer really.

How does the album's success alter your ambitions?

It doesn't really alter them. I've always wanted to record music and make people feel something. That's a promise I will always keep to the music and our fans.

What plans do you have for your next album?

To bleed for it, sweat for it, burn the candle at both ends to ultimatly make it and get it to ya'll !!!!

Lastly, what is the biggest lesson you have learnt ??

To be in the moment and be happy with exactly where you are, that God and family are always first and screw trying to please everyone. PLEASE YOURSELF and the rest is gravy!