As they take to the stage Justice look effortlessly cool and continental. But these aren’t hollow aesthetics. Justice have it where it counts.

Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay’s rocky bass punches and warped electro organs have remained their signature style for 14 years. Their songs carry a kind of gravitas that has been emulated by the French electro scene (if that is even a thing anymore) but rarely reproduced to such high standards.

Playing at Brixton Academy, the first show of a two-night residency, the duo have certainly come prepared.

Justice’s stage inventory includes of a wall of Marshall stacks that could block out the sun. Fortunately the audience are saved from such darkness courtesy of the incredible lightshow the duo have up their sleeve.

The dazzling arrangement of mirrors, reflectors and giant mobile rigging contort in synergy with the digital noise. The whole spectacle is perfectly framed by the theatre-like backdrop of Brixton Academy.

And theatrics happen to be Justice’s strong suit.

After a short intermission we find Gaspard and Xavier have disappeared from the main stage and decided to go and play on the balcony on the upper right level of the venue. What a pair of scamps!

As is customary at the duo’s concerts many songs are fused into others. Don’t expect to hear by the numbers album versions. Justice are always itching to tinker with their repertoire – sometimes for the worse but sometimes for the better. For example, Audio, Video, Disco takes on a far superior form live.

The obligatory mid-2000s dance classic We Are Your Friends got a look in along with numbers from their breakout album Cross, including Genesis, DNVO and, crowd favourite, D.A.N.C.E.

With the exception of their criminal omission of Helix (a personal favourite), tonight’s performance was a strong confirmation that they are still at the top of their game live.

Justice was well and truly served that night.

Photo credit: Luke Dyson