Too Many Zooz are something you simply can’t have too many of. New York’s Brass House trio’s performance at KOKO in London a few days ago left us with no doubt on why they are hailed all around the US and the World Wide Web as the next big thing: they don’t do their thing dead-on, they just do whatever the hell they think sounds and feels right. And THAT is the spirit.

Consisting of dancing baritone sax player Leo P, hotshot trumpeter Matt Doe and one extremely savage percussionist who goes by the name of King Of Sludge, Too Many Zooz moved up in the World by busking on the New York City subway, quickly going viral online thanks to their rambunctious impromptu performances which ended up winning them a featuring on last year’s Beyonce’s CMA Awards performance of Daddy Lessons, the country tune featured on Lemonade.

Their music, which was defined by the band itself as Brass House, is a mishmash of jazz, Afro Cuban rhythms and funk crossed over with EDM and House structures, of the kind that would make any animal, be it four or two-legged, unable to stand still on its feet. TMZ got the party started from the moment they hopped on stage, transforming a seemingly sold out KOKO into a spontaneous rave-like madness.

The first notes bursting out were the ones of their latest single, Bedford, followed by a bombastic mix of tunes from their upcoming double EP release due later this year and from their previous works, with highlights such as Missy, Pep Talk and Mouse Trap. The set was also studded with a number of covers, from Lazy Town’s turned-into-meme viral We Are Number One to Drake’s Hotline Bling and Sean Paul’s Get Busy.

The crowd went completely bonkers as sax player Leo P showed off his Beyonce’-worthy dance moves all over the stage, while nonchalant trumpeter Matt stood in the same place for the whole show, holding his drink in one hand and his trumpet in the other and percussionist The King of Sludge was compulsively banging on his percussions at the back of the stage.

We caught up with the trio before their performance, here’s what they had to say…

What's the most unexpected thing that's happened to you whilst busking?

Living in New York, you become desensitized to all that is around you. Everyday brings something unexpected in the subway…

What's been your biggest donation or most random busking tip? 

I don't really remember, but I will say this: it's not about the money, and if you go down to the subway and play music with your main goal being to make a lot of money, you won't.

Why the name “Too Many Zooz”? 

It was a band name that some friends of ours made up for a group that they had, but never ended up using. We asked if we could use it ‘cause we liked the way it sounded!

How did you guys end up on Beyoncé's "Daddy Lessons" from Lemonade?

That's just the power of the internet, I guess. People see things and share them, and it found it's way to her…The rest is history. 

You went from busking on the NY Subway to playing on the CMA Awards stage with Beyonce’ – do you still go back to busking from time to time? If so, what do you like the most about it? 

Yes, when we have ample time, we go and busk. It's hard now with our touring schedule and being in the studio, but it's still something we love. The subway is a great place to shop out new music and see the public’s reaction to it... people are honest down there so you get a real read on what people think.

You’ve come to the last leg of your European and UK tour. Are there any places that you’re particularly excited to play?

Paris and London are always fun. We are very excited to get back to the UK and see some new places!

KOKO Setlist – August 1st 2017

We are number One
To The Top
G string
Pep Talk
Mouse Trap
Evan Daniels 
Get Busy
Hotline Bling