All eyes were on Mo Pitney when he released his debut album Behind This Guitar to US audiences in 2016. Having been a hype artist for a good couple of years ahead of its release, the pressure was on to deliver a record to not just met the high expectations, but completely excelled them. Thankfully he more than delivered on his promise, with a collection that sees his filed alongside Jason Isbell and Margo Price as the saviours of trad country, while he also boasts a radio friendliness that aligns him with British audience favourite Charlie Worsham. With his debut UK shows fast approaching, we caught up with Mo to see how he feels about the big trip across the pond.

Hi Mo, How are you?

I’m doin' pretty good!

We are excited for your debut UK shows. What took you so long to get this side of the pond?

Well I guess the opportunity never arose!

What have you heard about the British country scene?

Very little … but I am really excited to be there to soak it all in.

Are there any UK artists you have paid close attention to?

Sadly not yet, my musical journey has not made it that far yet .. this trip will help that .

It is 2 years since the BBC hailed you as one of the key 8 country acts to keep an eye on, do claims such as these increase the pressure on you as an artist?

At times it can.. I just have to realize that I’m only obligated to be faithful with what I can see and the results are not up to me. I have to leave that up to my Creator.

Your debut album charted in the Top 10 Stateside, how has this altered your global ambition?

Well I can say that seeing the ability for this music to make it as far out as it has caused me to see broader more global possibility for this career, which is exciting and inspiring..

What is the best and worst feedback you have received to date? hearing that the music seems honest. hearing that it might be too country, to real, to honest or things like that...

You are a young family man, how do you balance a career on the road with family time?

Well at the moment I’m sitting here with our baby in my lap, ha ha! They go with me on any trip possible which is almost every bus trip. I also get to have them with me on your side of the pond! It is not an easy thing to juggle and I have a lot to learn but its also been a lot of fun.

Lastly, if you could achieve just one thing in your lifetime, what would it be?

My goal is for God to use me in being a successful husband and father and also to have walked through the doors and stood on the stages that He has planned for me ..anything else would be a failure no matter how successful..