At around 8:30pm, Anastacia made her appearance on stage. Her fans, ranging from the twenty something girl to the mature man in his fifties, demonstrated a lot of excitement. Anastacia hadn’t performed in London since her last tour in 2016 and she was definitely awaited!
Opening with Army Of Me, the singer was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a leather jacket and her infamous sunglasses. The stage was decorated in a sober way, with a big A and a lot of plays with lights. The feeling was the one of an intimate gig: just the singer, her band and her fans.

Performing hits like Paid My Dues, Cowboys And Kisses, Not That Kind and One Day In Your Life, Anastacia also addressed many news topics. She briefly talked about how she thought her president (a.k.a. Donald Trump) was crazy but also about the terror attacks that hit London and Manchester in the last few weeks. She saluted the bravery of the audience and said countless times how much she lived her fans.

For her performance of You’ll Never Be Alone, the multi-awarded singer actually came down into the audience, shook hands, gave hugs and repeated her love and admiration for her British fans.

More than a hit machine and a fantastic performer, Anastacia showed a genuine care and love for her audience. She presented each and every member of her band, allowing them to have their solo time. She literally went out of her way to express her gratitude and affection to her fans. Anastacia gave her audience, and Londoners especially, a great time where, for the space of two hours, they forgot how ugly the world can be. For this safe and fun haven, Anastacia, we salute you!