One of the most listened to albums, for me, of the last two years was the debut album by Inglorious. I loved the pomp, power and honesty of classic rock played for the sheer fun of it. I have been looking forward to the follow up with great trepidation as it was a very difficult act to follow. In fact, I didn’t need to worry; ‘Inglorious II’ follows on from its predecessor naturally and delivers the same brand of classic rock. Damn fine.

If what you are looking for is 21st Century rock then you’ll probably be unhappy.
This is unashamed rock from the golden age. Hi-speed, heavy riffs and Nathan James vocals bellowed out with passion and real aggression. Think Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or Dio with elements of Iron Maiden and Trapeze.

All the tracks here sound as though they would be perfect live, really set up for a big, bold front man and with the band playing as a unit behind him and that is exactly what they deliver here. Along with lead guitarist Andreas Eriksson and rhythm guitarist Wil Taylor (who left after the album was recorded to be replaced by Drew Lowe who had been a founder member oif the band) the hammerblow of drums Phil Beaver and some fluid and subtle bass from Colin Parkinson drives the music forward and as a unit, it has to be said that they really kick hard.

They can do subtle and deep as well as ‘Faraway’ shows but the core of this band is hard rock and plenty of it.
My personal favourite track is probably the closer ‘High Class Woman’ as it hits all the classic themes but there isn’t a really weak track anywhere.

Yes, they are playing classic rock but they do it with real verve and sound as though they are the playing the music that they want to – and what else could you wish for?