Starting off quite mellow with the sound of ambient keys, until the sing-a-long, highly pop-style infused lyrics come in with: “You’ve got the whole world watching…”The vocals bounce nicely from male to female, then in a group, changing melodies and harmonies as it build up to the chorus. This texture creates dynamicity– ever changing, so the track continues to sound fresh and new. The song gradually builds up to a big bass-y beat with electronic portions dropping in and out, which is a wee bit intoxicating and slightly irresistible – you want to hear it again and nod your head as you do so.

The band (of which there are four) wanted to write songs that engages with a more modern audience, writing about having a love life in today’s day and age, as well as other struggles young adults come across. As this single is the teaser to their new album, The Sam Willow’s wanted to stretch themselves in terms of the content of their lyrics as well as the type of sounds they wanted to use. Therefore judging by this single, TSW new album should be substantially different from their previous work.

‘Keep me jealous’ is a fun, effervescent and playful track that has summer written all over it. Be prepared to hear it anywhere touristy this summer or blaring out of your teeny-bopper’s bedroom all through summer break.