Pounding drums, shaking rhythms, chants and all enveloped in the darkest of trance/dance electronicalisation.
Listen for a few minutes and you start to get disoriented, listen further and the noises come at you from deep in the miasma of sound and then continue and find your entire world enveloped in the sounds pouring at you from your speakers.

This isn’t ‘music’ to be enjoyed with a friend or loved one. This is the ultimate in selfishness – wrapping yourself entirely in the sounds and losing yourself into the fireworks and excplosions happening in your head.

Don’t try to define it. Don’t explain that the chants remind you of Native American tribal rituals but that the rhythms are straight out of the Djerid desert and that the bass sounds are almost holy in their density.

This is a representation of the Banga ritual of Sidi Marzuq. A key annual event in the lives of the black communities of Southern Tunisia. The Banga is a ritual of inviting the spirits into the body and accommodation the new possessor and by involving yourself in this ritual you take all that comes with it.

One of the most electrifying albums you are likely to hear this, or any other, year, shocking, exciting and essential.