On A New Kind of Lightning, Mexican ambient artist, Omiqron6 uses a wide range of instruments, including many tied to the sounds of the Far East to create a light, otherworldly realm that suspends the listener in wonder. His ambient soundscapes fuse a 'noises of the jungle' curiosity with mantra-like percussive repetition and ethereal synth pads.

The opener 'Om is On' shimmers in with a wisp of chimes. Deep recorder-style duct flutes provide an underlying base while woodpecker-like percussion rattles of in the distance. A mind-clearing hypnosis is reached. This is perhaps the best track on the album as it sits back and allows the listener to zone out. The following track 'Pawa' sets the tone for the rest of the album. Over a base of tambourine and shakers, an impish squawking synth dances jaggedly, dashing to and fro. The timeless image of a leprechaun or troll cavorts through your mind. During this song, the meandering keys make sense thematically. However as the album goes on, it becomes clear that this aimless rambling is the style for most of the record.

The moods being created are interesting. Omiqron6 does design some unique sonic spaces but many times the music is too haphazard and directionless. There is always room for randomness, some of the best jazz is chaotic. However, here the synth lines come across as poorly thought out. Perhaps with more patience, the artist could take his time and focus on zoning in on a specific mood and sustaining chords rather than just bouncing indiscriminately around the keyboard. It feels like Omiqron6 is too desperate to fill space and it puts one on edge when the album should be inducing calm reflection. Unfortunately, this album misses the mark on that score.