As sure as day follows night and dark precedes light Moon Duo’s Occult Architecture part-two-o arrives, forever torch-bearers par excellence. Where OA1 dealt with the underbelly, the nefarious and illicit (un)seen and controlling structures that dominate the everyday (the sin of ‘yin’) OA2 delivers pristine perception: ‘yang’ bam thank you, Ma’am.

The seasonal gradations, the visible signifiers of nature and the attendant rhythms that connote passing and death/life have previously been addressed by such artisans as Vivaldi, Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, all refracting and reflecting natural soundscapes at odds with the alienating machineries of automation and the cul-de-sac of cyberspace.

This is the sound of rebirth, as re-emergence and re-awakenings dominate starting with opener ‘New Dawn’ whose bloops and bleeps evoke the robot’s coming-to, its connections frayed and circuits splayed. Aye aye, A.I., the fightback begins here, humanity is sanity, so cyborg off.

The black screens of narcissism that propagate the perception deception, proffering an artificial version of reflection and (self)image can be seen at the ‘Mirror's Edge’, a slumbient slice of advice to evade the traps, avoid the tide.

‘Lost in Light’ is the opposite of insomnia, the antithesis of the somnolent state surreptitiously emitted by the rapacious residential raptors. An antidote coda to OA1’s extra-terrestrial enslaving and controlling ‘Cold Fear’, a tale of psychic manipulation cloaked in gentrification as buildings are constructed, space colonised and conquered with the full effects yet to be felt. Awareness is paramount, seers don’t fear.

Neu!-beginnings abound on the ten-minute ‘The Crystal World’ as the clarity of reality glistens with veracity, the dream-veil is lifted, 20/20 all-seeing vision the bounty of each and everyone. Once you have ‘seen’ there’s no return to the abyss of ignorance. This is the climax of a spiritually cathartic ride.

At times of psychic unrest and societal disquiet together these two albums act as a balm for calm, a synchronic alm from harm. Two prongs of right that arm you for the fight.