Chris Stapleton is one of the runaway successes of the recent 'authentic' Nashville revival. Having worked the circuit for far too many years without gaining the notoriety his talent warranted, 2015 saw him release the absolutely stunning debut album Traveller. Gritty and real but with a commercial edge, it exploded the world over and suddenly he was the name on the tip of everyone's tongue. With the country world praising him as their aviour, the mainstream industry applauded him for his emotionally honest delivery. Now two years later he has the difficult task of following up his success, so can From A Room Vol.1 meet the high expectations his audience have of him?

As the title suggests this is only the first half of an offering, with 2017 marked by two full studio albums from the distinctive talent. Laying all his cards on the table, he shows he is an artist that is not afraid to show he can deliver the pedigree anticipated of his Platinum selling status.

From A Room Vol.1 wastes no time in delivering exactly what his audience have been awaiting. A powerful, striking and vocally flawless collection, this feels immediately essential to your existence. An artist who truly delivers from the very pit of his stomach, this moves the listener immensely.

Broken Halos opens the set with a timeless tale of the sinner inside seeking redemption from the angels surrounding us. Performed with conviction, this is good old Southern worship song delivered for the masses. All we can say is Hallelujah!

While the album is all delivered full pelt, there are clear stand out moments. From the Bluesy outlaw feel of of Them Stems to the vocal battle with his wife Morgan on Without Your Love, this pulls on every emotional moment you have lived ever, and introduces you to feeling you never even knew existed.

However, there is one song that steals the show with it's understated presence. Midway through the collection is the absolutely mind-blowing ballad Either Way, which details the breakdown of a painful marriage. The pangs of agony in Stapleton's voice induce real tears with every listen.

Chris Stapleton had a difficult job to deliver a release even more compelling than his debut, but he does so seemingly effortlessly. This is a truly must-have record.