New ground is much more likely found by the unhinged rather than the well-adjusted. There is a deluge of quotes from Hunter Thompson, Charles Bukowski and the like that attest to this. Unhinged isn't just a singer screaming out his latest grievance. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry from Tulsa to Tokyo has, is and will do that for the foreseeable future and it all comes out more or less the same. The author got burned by someone and gosh darn it​, they're gonna tell you about it. I'm not just alluding to teen emo projects but even full-blown death metal can produce an album of front to back screeching and growling without becoming 'unhinged'. It's boring, it's bland and in the end you don't find yourself on any new ground. Just rehashing old problems you've found.

The Sterile Jets are UNHINGED. Their swampy concoction of triple fuzz distilled, dissonant lick, stoner punk is capped off by the demented ramblings of a madman at the end of his rope. In the opening line of 'Free Pork Bougie' the group lays out what must be their modus operandi: “I'm not here to make you comfortable/In fact the opposite is true!”. In the queasy, grimey number they rail against oppression and conformity with an unrattled snarl. “Incarcerated in Land of the Free/Free to die where I please”. Drummer Matthew Bean holds the bursting balks together with a relentless ride cymbal.

'Rehabilitated Truth' lunges and sputters, shifting with ADHD mania. The spastic riffs find themselves in the unholy space between Melvins and Mars Volta. The fuzz on fuzz on fuzz is almost too much for the speakers to take ripping a swath through time and space. The seething bass pops its head up above the froth of fuzz before returning down to its deep rumble.

These are but two explosions of sound from No Gods No Loss. Sterile Jets have crammed into this record as much crazed fury as can be contained on one album. The record is a triumph of what truly unhinged noise rock can accomplish. Let the majority have their “healthy anger”, the real new territory is found out on the edge. “The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over” -HST.