Blues in the raw is a wonderful and heartlifting thing.

This EP from Dave Hanson is perfect example of why I go to see bands live and wash in the experience of a bunch of musicians working with each other and making more music than any of them could individually.

Between Hanson’s guitar and vocals, Martin Longhawn’s keys and Paddy Wells harp the main elements are all there, driven by an excellent back line of Sam Quintana on bass and Steve Hanley’s drums and backed up by Matt Baxter on guitar and Becka Ward’s backing vox. All told, it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun and no small amount of talent on show.
The original songs are pretty good with ‘Joanna’ standing out as a fine rollicking piece with an intense entrance rolling into a funk/Blues that really rocks. ‘Blind Faith’ hits the mark too with a country edge to it.

They do an excellent version of Santana’s ‘Evil Ways’ – more Blues than Latin but with a wonderful keyboard fill.

This won’t change your life but it will bring a smile to your eye and a swing to your hips and I’d really like to see them live.