London Charing Cross’s Heaven is the celestial venue for a night on the (rep)tiles, underground caverns loom beneath the arches, the catacombs exhibiting a triumvirate of spectral silhouettes on stage.

Psyche-o-geographers of the inner mind, travellers of the (experi)mental terrain, this tower of power trio delivered a (s)trident bunch of fives from new LP, Occult Architecture Vol. 1; a thumping knuckle sandwich to the façade of the low-vibrational energy vampires, the empathy-bereft submerged, the surreptitious secret hand shakers and movers, subterranean domesick crews that wreak havoc and misery from their exalted positions of twisted hierarchy. Out Demons out!

OA 1 delineates the hidden structures that exert esoteric control, the (un)seen architecture that influences mood and alters behaviour, the occult site/sights that hamper and impair our sub/unconscious selves.

The technicolour visuals feature pyramids (those top-down hierarchical control systems and bottom-up aspirational scales), obelisks and the all-seeing eye, that watching, prying, intruding orb of observation; malevolent, malicious and malignant. Beware CCTVoyeurism.

‘The Death Set’ kicks off proceedings, a Stooges-indebted fuzz-racket replete with syn-thetic sorcery that segues into the haunting electro-throbbing ‘Cold Fear’ a hypersonic tour de force in the vein of early Human League. No inter-track chit-chat is required as the clattering cacophonic ‘Creepin’ tramples in: motorik-disko par excellence.

The archive-dérive throws out the hypnoidal trance-dance of ‘I been gone’ and drone-zone glam-stomping ‘Free Action’ (off 2012’s Circles) and the narco-klepto ‘Thieves’ (from 2015’s Shadow of the Sun).

Symbology abounds in ‘Sevens’ (off forthcoming follow-up Occult.Architecture. Vol. 2) continuing the esoteric theme, the antidote to the misanthropic parasitic perverted is here. Initiate yourself.

Culminating in a rousing rendition of The Stooges ‘No Fun’ the circle is complete, the hex has been (re)cast. The fightback is on.

Evil lives: look around, dig the sound, get wise and open your eyes.