London based Italian songstress Laura Muccini is about to release her debut EP, Inside Me, which is one of the most insightful and raw recordings we have ever heard.

As she opens her heart about her husband's critical and life-changing illness, she manages to affirm the sheer joy of simply being and dreaming. Having premiered her new single, Wild Strawberry, earlier this week, we caught up with her to learn more.

Hi Laura - for those not in the know, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm very happy to speak with you about me and my music...
I'm an Italian singer and songwriter, who is the mother of three beautiful angels. I have been living in London for two years. I have past experiences in Bel Canto as a soprano, but here in the cradle of pop Music I have discovered my talent for composing.

We heard you came back from the fashion world to music. What drew you back?

In fact I have always worked in the creative sectors, I'm a fashion addict! I personally choose my dresses in all my videos and you can find the name of the designers in the YouTube video descriptions. My creativity is fully expressed in my songs where I try to put my actual feelings and the ones I have experienced in the past...there are no borders in, art, music...they are all one and the same.

We are sorry to hear about your husband's illness, how has that changed your attitude to life?

Thanks to it my attitude changed a lot. Now I appreciate every single little thing: a sunny day, a smile from my daughters...and I try to see the good side also in bad news.

I believe in Karma and if I do good actions to others, then this positivity will come back to me one day... This is the reason why I do my best to encourage people to follow their dreams and their passions. It's my contribution for a better world.

Would you say his illness prompted your new music?

Of course...probably if my husband have not fall sick I will never started to compose...this is an example how bad things could bring positivity, creativity, happiness and maybe success.

Your debut single, My Prayer of Love, is a stunning love letter. How difficult was it to write?

I wrote this song in a single night during one of his severe seizures...I wrote it to encourage him, because love is harder than sickness which could be fought with courage and determination.

Wild Strawberry shows a very different side to your artistry. Can you tell us about the song and story behind it...

This song is about when your whole life collapses on you and you would like to escape in to a safe and peaceful place... I compare myself to a deaf bird looking for a corner in the sky where it could still fly safely and happy.

It's about building up a new way of living with the same intensity, love and enthusiasm after a heart quake...

We hear elements of Sara Bareilles and Fiona Apple in your music - would you say they were key influences?

They have some similarities with my style of composing: rhythm,structure and catchy refrain. But I think my voice is thicker, less whispered and with a larger vocal range.

Who else would you say has helped shape your sound?

For sure my key influences in composing is SIA, even if it's shown better in other songs ( i.e. 'A Black Cat On The Roof' and 'Out Of Destiny'); in terms of vocal similarity I see myself as close to Ella Henderson.

Wild Strawberry is lifted from your debut album, Inside Me. We are guessing the songs are all autobiographical?

Actually only one of them is not autobiographical ('A Black Cat On The Roof') - it's about someone affected by a severe addiction. It was inspired by a story of a close friend of mine that suffered with alcohol addiction...

All the other songs are inspired by real feelings: 'Playboy Mood' is about a betrayed woman. 'Out of Destiny' is about someone who feels caged with no hope of escaping from the life she is living.

For those who have not heard it yet, which song (apart from Wild Strawberry), do you think people should listen to first...

Out of Destiny is one of the first songs I composed and it's the one that explains best what I went through.

It is a sad song but the final goal is to go outside of the destiny planned for you, finding new horizons and freedom.

Lastly, tell us one musical fact about yourself that people may be surprised by...

I love doing live unexpected performances...I remember once in particular when I was on holiday in Belize waiting for a little airplane departure from an island to another and I started singing... Within 20 minutes time the all terminal was enjoying my singing and...I missed my flight!!! is proud to host the exclusive video world premiere of 'Wild Strawberry' by Laura Muccini.