Having spent a number of years playing gigs in people's homes across the United States, the cozy surroundings of St Pancras Old Church shouldn't be too intimidating for Georgina Callaghan as she plays the first of two nights at this lovely venue. In fact the singer seems slightly in awe; "to think this church is hundreds of years older than America" she explains to an attentive audience that probably know this already.

Callaghan has the look and sound of Sarah McLachlan and her whimsical, country tinged music is ideal for these ethereal surroundings. During a confidently performed set - accompanied by guitar, drums and keyboard, Callaghan sprinkles new and old material amongst a couple of cover versions. Stand By Me seems deliberately placed early in the set, to relax the audience and inspire a few (not always in time) handclaps. John Denver's Annie's Song is a delight and obviously influential early listening for the singer.

Who Would I Be has a wonderful build and accidentally or not, leans heavily on U2's With or Without You for tempo and feel. The fragile When You Loved Me is stunning - showcasing Callaghan's beautiful vocal and she seems most comfortable when sounding vulnerable. The only falter during the evening is when church bells ring out during the opening of a song. It's almost as if they were timed to perfection, except the band seem slightly disconcerted before resuming a classy and impressive gig.