Moon Duo, the Portland twosome (Wooden Shjips émigré Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada) consistently examine the Manichean, the Yin and Yang, staring down the two-faced Janus, seeking the good vs bad, observing black vs white; these binary dualities shaded in with colour and light that ease the passage from dusk into night and the seasonal gradations. On fourth long-player Occult Architecture Vol. 1 we are taken on another voyage on the Sea of Tran-quality.

Where pyramids and obelisks are overt (blatant) structures built on specific energy points (the better to siphon nature’s power and subvert), occult symbolic structures as hidden spectacle (latent) hijack our psychic space as a controlling, corralling, herding entity that sinisterly influences behaviour, mood and actions.

However, esoteric education reveals the hidden patterns, the sub-texts that enable the dismantling of pre-existing and non-questionable structural systems, providing clarity of the atavistic absorption of these invisible frameworks that shepherd humankind, allowing psychic freedom from the fugue of dystopiates that numb the questing mind. Once the shackles are loose, you will never ‘unsee’.

Lucifer, Moloch and their satanic disciples all get a kicking throughout starting with ‘The Death Set’. In the crosshairs are the war-mongers, the corrupt, the abrupt, the low vibrational architects of misery, the attendees of the clandestine committees, the scripted, the conscripted, the rehearsed, the perversed, the harbingers of gloom pocketing profits of doom, the obscene unseen whose own strings are pulled by malevolent, desolate ones, the carpetbaggers and market blaggers.

‘Cold Fear’s haunting hum entrances and hypnotises, a seductive delve into an alt-realm of chilly atomisation and separatism. An unvarnished synth-phony par excellence.

The motorik-rock of ‘Creepin’ is the sound of the fright-night demons that linger throughout the day-daze. Ol’ Moloch’s popular this year (‘Cult of Moloch’ and also San-Fran-band The Molochs), the cabal of the death set worship at the altar of this child sacrificial deity, this song in the key of sacrifice with tribal beating and bible bleating. ‘Cross Town Fade’ is superlative orienteering of the mindscape.

The spooktacularly eerie and wailing ‘Will of the Devil’ could soundtrack Halloween XII: Carrie knows what The Exorcist did on Friday the 13th’s Chainsaw massacre; where evil lurks, Satan works. The closing ‘White Rose’ proffers hope through purity and spirituality, flower power virtues delivered in a blitzkrieg bouquet.

Reaction equals creation and in times of cosmic crisis and spiritual strife, supersonic avatars are needed to facilitate between the Gods and the mortals, these esoteric lunar-tics look like us, but, they don’t sound like us. They sound like THIS.

This profound sound shows a darker side of the Moon (Duo), a celestial escort through the time-space songtinuum. Activate your trip-chords to these rhymes of the seasons: open your ears, your mind will follow. Set your controls for the art of the sunset.

These lightbringers return later this year with Volume 2.