This was Gerry Rafferty's debut album in 1971 and if you come to this for the first time looking to find clues as to where the classic Baker Street came from, you will be disappointed. This is an accomplished collection of what became his trademark folk-rock sound, with his underrated vocal dominating proceedings. Baker Street was never a typical Rafferty song anyway and instead you can hear where the likes of Right Down The Line and Stealers Wheel's Stuck In The Middle With You were moulded.

Critically acclaimed but never a huge sales success Can I Have My Money back? was considered a flop by Rafferty, and perhaps its weakness is the lack of a stand out song. Everything is well placed and there are some intricate folky moments on To Each and Everyone and the delicate Mary Skeffington, but there is little to stick in the mind after one listen.

Sign On The Dotted Line saw Rafferty collaborate with Joe Egan, which would subsequently lead the pair to form Stealers Wheel. It's a smooth piece of folk pop and a highlight from the album. This lovingly put together re-mastered edition also includes the B-side So Bad Thinking as well as some fascinating notes in the booklet. Worth visiting to hear the early signs of Rafferty's musical legacy, even if it was perhaps the sales flop the Paisley singer described.