Droves and droves of flannel shirts, beards, tattoos and optimistic fans fill out Gorilla in Manchester as one of the hottest bands in the emo/indie scene, Modern Baseball, come to the North West. Flying over to the UK for only a matter of days the demand for these two shows, the other being their largest ever show in the UK at London’s Electric Ballroom, was massive. Their honest lyrics, catchy choruses and exquisite live shows is why the Philadelphia foursome have one of the most dedicated fan bases around.

Support came from fellow US emo band, Sorority Noise, whose lead vocalist Cameron Boucher gave a poignant mention about depression and mental health. Being a manic depression sufferer himself he inserted the fact how important it is to speak out when something is wrong and it’s never the sufferers fault. Telling the crowd to tell the ones you care about to tell them you love them every day quickly followed by rapturous applause. With latest album, Joy Departed, gaining critical acclaim last year the band are quickly building a dedicated fan base of their own.

Modern Baseball came out to surges in the crowd as fans attempted to get close to the stage of which had no barrier. Starting with Fine Great off their second album, You’re Gonna Miss It All, the sold out crowd shouted the lyrics back to the band with almost stadium vigour- and continued throughout the night. Modern Baseball within their lyrics manage to encapsulate what it’s like being a frustrated 18-25 year old within tracks about failing relationships, life’s problems and being part of a doomed youth.

Bassist Ian Farmer’s instrument hit a snag and broke so unfortunately had to be swapped for the supports bass. In the meantime vocalists Brendan Lukens and Jake Ewald chatted together to pass it. Another perk of Modern Baseball are that they don’t take themselves that seriously and seem genuine and funny nice guys. The pair chatted about current internet craze Damn Daniel and even made the crowd chant about their new favourite English thing- Scotch Eggs.

Passing through tracks from their debut album, Sports, and their latest EP, The Perfect Cast, their song writing capabilities and ability to entertain shone through. Highlights included heartbreak anthem- Old Gospel Choir, Tears Over Beers and Apartment.

Upon announcing their new album, Holy Ghost, which will be released on Run For Cover Records on May 13th they played two new tracks. The songs (of which no name was announced) seemed vintage Modern Baseball- with catchy choruses and melodic breakdowns to keep the mosh pit revellers going.

The band later declared their love for Manchester as a city as well as mentioning famed local Burrito shop, Panchos. With crowds returning chants of “Changos”- a rival burrito restaurant around the corner.

After returning their very brief break pre-encore the band played a mix of their track, The Weekend, and The Killers song, All These Things That I Have Done, to top over what was stellar night. The crowd leaving thoroughly pleased, sweaty and with sore throats as Modern Baseball stapled themselves as one of the most exciting bands around.


1. Fine, Great
2. Broken Cash Machine
3. Alpha Kappa Fall of Troy The Movie Part Deux
4. Going to Bed Now
5. The Old Gospel Choir
6. Tears Over Beers
7. Apartment
8. Rock Bottom
9. Revenge of the Nameless Ranger
10. New Track(Unknown)
11. New Track (Unknown)
12. The Thrash Particle
13. Your Graduation
14. Re-Done
15. Charlie Black
16. Two Good Things
17. All These Things That I've Done / The Weekend