Love Is War is one of those rare musical gems that stops you in your tracks the first time you hear it, yet manages to still grow in beauty and depth with each subsequent listen.

The duo behind the magic is American Young and the most exciting news we have heard this week is that they will be heading across the big pond for a European tour alongside Sasha McVeigh and Loveless Effect in March. Barely able to contain our excitement, we caught up with Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone who crafted the musical equivalent of the world's rarest gem.

Hi Kristy and Jon, we are really excited to hear you are finally bringing your music to Europe. How do you feel about starting afresh in a new territory?

So excited. It is always such a heart opener to travel abroad and absorb different cultures.

You will be heading up your EP with the single Love Is War - can you tell us about the thought process behind the release?

We just did a new pop mix for the record and we are looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

Would you say it is a strong example of what we can expect from your debut EP?

We have travelled the world since we cut that first EP. So yes, the rest of the record is a growth from that experience.

The song was released a couple of years ago in the States, does it seem strange to be returning to the song?

Not at all, we believe great music is timeless.

What did you learn from the US release that you will apply to the European?

Our show has really developed from our constant touring. Our US growth has been organic and slow growth. We are signed to an independent label so we tour on our own mostly and really like to work the old fashioned way of working music word of mouth and touring.

Country music has really taken off in Europe again over the last few years. Have you paid much attention to the current crop of European artists?

We love Ed Sheeran, Paulo Nutini and the of course all the greats like The Stones and The Beatles etc...

Are there any that you dream of working with?

Elton John, Paul McCartney...

The European tour sees you teaming up with Sasha McVeigh and Loveless Effect - how did the line-up come about?

We had a great mutual friend that introduce Sasha and us. We started talking and the opportunity for a UK tour presented itself. Sasha is great. We are looking forward to going on tour together.

All three of you are related to country music, but take the sound in very different directions. Do you think country is less clearly defined these days?

We all define our own music individually. American Young is its own animal. We are truly veterans in this business and have seen all aspects, this experience has influenced our clear brand.

Outside of American Young you have both had success in various forms. What have you learnt from writing for others and performing in other bands that you bring to American Young?

So much, nothing compares to experience. We've come to the conclusion that if you do something that's never been done, it will never be forgotten.

Which song do you enjoy performing most live?

From My Point of You

What we can expect from the tour?

The unexpected.

Lastly, if you could do a Taylor does and add an extra special guest to each night of your tour, who would be first on your list of requests?

One Direction, Coldplay, Dizzee Rascal, Paul McCartney and Derek Trucks.

European Tour Dates:

March 15 - Century Club, LONDON (Time Out Presents)
March 16 - Oran Mor, GLASGOW
March 17 - Ruby Lounge, MANCHESTER
March 19 - Little Rabbit Barn, COLCHESTER
March 20 - Hare & Hounds, BIRMINGHAM
March 24 - Melkweg, AMSTERDAM
March 29 - Strom Club, MUNICH
April 1 - Mr Pickwick, GENEVA