About a third of the way through this album we come to This House is Not Haunted which following the fury and fun of the previous tracks is a left turn being genuinely heavy, and something of a mini epic.

It’s one of the joys of this third album from TMTWNBBFN, that they can go from Snuff like comedy punk, through satire to darkly serious without much of jolt. The emphasis is however on a good time and razor sharp playfulness, but then with a couple of comedians in the band you’d expect that.

Take Turned Out Nice Again which with the guttural vocals sounds like they are taking the rise out of the thrash/Screamo metal sub-genre. That’s another thing, they cross the various rock genres with ease: The Worst Sideshow Ever is a funny, doomy metal song, Miner is a pointedly serious 100mph punker, while (I’m in Love With) Marie Lloyd has a kinky drift about it.

The band’s convoluted name and the title of the album drop big hints that there’s a Victorian theme running through it. It’s an obsession of theirs, but it’s never overbearing and doesn’t distract from the fact that is that this is a devilishly good album: lyrically sharp, musically tight with a sympathetic production that’s clean but not buffed to the six pack.