It’s not often you hear of a band releasing their fifth album but here the Editors are with their first self-produced studio album ‘In Dream’. The name says it all really with a dreamy, tranquil and moody style to it, the album is nothing like any of the Editors old work, this could be seen as a good thing after their 2013 album ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ received mixed reviews and felt very messy.

Kicking off the album with ‘No Harm’ was a risky but fabulous choice. The contrast from the smoky monotone verses and the piercing but stunning choruses is a bold option for an introduction to the album but it works so perfectly.

Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell makes her first appearance as the pace begins to pick up in ‘Ocean Of Night’. The gentle piano alongside lead singer Tom Smith’s soothing sound mixed with Goswell’s tender backing vocals makes this song the only one on the album I took an immediate liking to.

Third track ‘Forgiveness’ brings it back to their roots with a grooving R&B beat and more of a commercial sound. Although the lyrics are rather uncomfortable attempting to rhyme “everyone” with “American”, this track sounds the most radio friendly.

Inspirations from Joy Division are still very clear in ‘Life Is A Fear’ with Ian Curtis like vocals and especially in ‘Salvation’ but ‘The Law’ changes the tone completely as Goswell takes charge and completely owns the choruses making this track is the real heart and soul of the album.

The 1980’s synth pop returns for ‘Our Love’ and ‘All The Kings’ forcing you to bob your head and tap your toe.

The album comes to a close with the mellow ‘At All Costs’ and ‘Marching Orders’, which to me sound like the perfect emotional indie movie soundtrack. ‘Marching Orders’ already sounds like a classic that will fill a stadium but I’m not sure it’s enough to keep the fans happy.

The dreamlike moody album is a joy to listen to, telling a story throughout. I would recommend listening to the album more then once to fully appreciate it as at first listen it can seem too dark and slightly awkward but after having it on repeat for a few days I can proudly say I am a fan.