Florida born singer Christina Martina released her fifth studio album It'll Be Alright earlier this year. It was a powerful statement of intent from the now Nova Scotia based artist, with dreamy vocals enveloped by spiraling guitars and pounding rock rhythms. Take Me Back In A Dream is one of the more introspective tracks, exposing Martin's vocal to its vulnerable best.

Starting with her haunting voice over a gentle keyboard rhythm, the track builds through splashes of guitar before washing over you with a wave, leading to a passionate plea, including a chant that is a Hindu mantra dedicated to Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles. The song seems to be about trying to revisit a special place, whether or not that place ever existed isn't clear. In the video, Martin starts curled up on the floor, before an edgy and slightly unsettling journey of dance, and you can hear that physical unraveling as the song builds, before she curls back up, like into a womb, at the close.

Martin herself is a fascinating presence, both on record and on stage and has said that this album was meant to release the shackles she felt she'd been under on previous records. That Hindu chant reflects that and if feeling this free gets her producing music that's as beautifully crafted and honest - then let's hope she keeps those shackles off.

Here Chistina talks to Music News about today's music scene and an ever decreasing list of big artists and rock bands:

The track has an equally captivating video, which was produced by Canadian firm Shut Up & Colour Productions and directed by Jason Levangie.