The increasing interest in folk (and Country) music will no doubt lead to the usual glut of wannabees of which very few will make any meaningful impact. To do that they’ll need something to set them apart from the pack, hard work, and it can’t be overstated, luck. Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts don’t quite fit into the newbie scenario – this is their fourth album – but it could come in handy.

So what do we have, well it’s a mixed bag of traditional folk as in Jack O Lantern, the more experimental, slightly Fleetwood Macish (Tango In The Dark era), Stumble On The Seam, and the jig of Peggy Airey. All quite different songs but there’s no sense of incongruity which is quite a feat.

Maybe that’s because the theme of conflict runs through the album giving it an element of continuity. Though that subject matter could be why the ambience feels a little clinical. This is not a summery and breezy album, though it’s not a depression session either. They counter each other well so the jarring Cecilia is balanced elsewhere by the wonderful, haunting but uplifting Peter Pan.

The performances are what you’d expect from seasoned artists. There is a minor niggle about an almost dispassionate production. Luckily this isn’t to the detriment of the vocals which are key and pretty much split 50/50 and impassioned throughout.

They certainly have that element of experimentation to set them apart, and the constant touring is damn hard work, so Gilmore & Roberts may just be in the right place at the right time.