George Ezra probably sent a few postcards on his European travels that helped him pen the album ‘Wanted on Voyage’. This summer his postcard to London came from Somerset House on a drizzly Monday night.

Support act Flo Morrissey started off the night with songs from her album ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’. Playing through drizzle, Flo’s ethereal folk sounds drifted over the fading London skyline. For all her obvious talent, she struggled to captivate a crowd more concerned with avoiding the occasional rain overflow from the top of the stage.

As the raincoats were zipped up and picnic blankets cleared away, George opened with the sing-a-long ‘Cassy O’’ that set the mood for the entire night. Looking like he was enjoying every minute, he captivated the audience straight away recounting snippets from his travels. The impressive vocal range and distinct tone was never clearer than on his beautiful rendition of Dylan’s ‘Girl from the North Country’.

It is a true testament to his ability to appeal to all ages that his cover of Macy Gray’s 1999 hit ‘I Try’ brought the largest cheer of the night. Ezra's reaction also epitomises the demeanor he constantly displays on stage – a genuinely nice lad who can’t quite believe this is all happening to him. However, he reminds the audience of a cheeky side when recounting his failed trip to ‘Budapest’ caused by Eurovision, three Swedish girls and possibly a bottle of rum.

Rounding off the set with ‘Spectacular Rival’ – perhaps a hint of what is to come on album no. 2 – George finished on a high with a crowd left smiling. If this is the shape of things to come for George, then we’ll definitely be listening to the man again soon.