The Scheme are Kris, Kyle and Aleksey, a boy band of sorts, pitched somewhere between The Script and the likes of Lawson. Their strength is the inevitable good looks plus their impressive harmonies. In that sense they are slightly traditional, more Boyzone than 1D. They also write their own material and this, their second single, showcases that with the catchy Dust. Although heavily produced it has a fresh feel, with a tale of how relationships often reach a crucial fork in the road; "this could be heartbreak or this could be love".

The other track here though has a more 'real' message, as it promotes The Jordan Smelski Foundation for Amoeba Awareness. Jordan's Smile is a song about an 11-year-old, who died after contracting a fatal amoeba while he swam in a hot spring in Florida. The song is aimed at making people more aware of this amoeba, which is common, but is often wrongly diagnosed, as it can get confused for meningitis. The Scheme recently performed the song in front of thousands in Florida.

In a competitive field The Scheme are an interesting band to keep an eye on.