First hearing about these two musical giants coming together; I wasn’t sure on the combination. Gregory Porter, an American jazz and blues musician - with a story teller’s voice. I couldn’t imagine his soulful vocals overlaying Disclosure’s dynamic synthesized house sound.

Porter’s voice climbs your spine. Disclosure’s drum pad and chords slowly bubble to the surface. Porter’s intense vocals seamlessly compliment the Lawrence brothers’ electro house fusion. ‘Holding On’ is a phenomenal piece of paced dance music with a soulful spin.

This track is definitely marking the beginning festival season. With its infectious melody and daring drops, you cannot help but dance. Disclosure stuck to their roots with this track, the deep muted bumping kick that feels like authentic Disclosure. It shows the true talents of both Disclosure and Gregory Porter, without being too demanding of either, yet still being a titillating and recognisable Disclosure track.

Expected to be bigger, than their first album ‘Settle’ selling over 40 thousand copies in its first week; ‘Caracal’ is set to be one the biggest selling albums this year. ‘Holding On’ has me so excited for Caracal’s featuring artists: Lion Babe and Kwabs, who again, both come from completely different genres. Caracal is set to be a diverse and distinctive album.