With ‘Blue Moon Juice’, Danielz and his T.Rextasy have just released yet another rock-tastic album that is as invigorating and delightful as the title suggests. It includes seven previously unreleased tracks out of which four are studio recordings and suffice to say the whole shebang smacks of the superb quality one has come to expect from this band over the years.

Offering twelve tracks in total (including two bonus tracks) the CD no doubt will cater for all you Marc Bolan and T.Rextasy fans out there with brilliantly executed takes on various Bolan classics. Kicking off with the infectious groove of ‘Ride A White Swan’ there is no doubt as to why T.Rextasy are THE Nr. 1 Official Tribute band! Here we get the additional strings courtesy of David Griffith.

On we are to an inspired cover of Tyrannosaurus Rex ‘King Of The Rumbling Spires’ followed by a cranked-up version of ‘I Love To Boogie’ – who wouldn’t love to boogie listening to this kicker complete with twaaanging guitar solos!

One of the album’s highlights (and a deeply emotive piece) is a live version of ‘Dreamy Lady’ starting out in mellow (or should I say dreamy) acoustic mode, which emphasizes Danielz’ impressive vocal skills. Halfway through the mode changes over to an upbeat temp that involves the entire band plus David Griffith on Hammond/Mellotron. Let’s just say it is pure magic.

After a punchy take on ‘Debora’ we are treated to the distinctly laid back ‘Till Dawn’ and listening to it… makes you glad to be born, yeah!
Another stonking ditty follows with ‘One Inch Rock’ before it’s on to two live versions: ‘Cosmic Dancer’ and ‘Telegram Sam’ – the first a wonderfully chilled affair while the second blazes along with the generous help of Tony Visconti on strings, Blondie’s Clem Burke on congas and Howie Casey on sax. Dig it!
Rounding up the feel-good factor is another T.Rex favourite, namely the punchy ‘Hot Love’.

All ‘round nice guy that Danielz is, he’s also thrown in two bonus tracks for his fans. The first is his personal appreciation of the artist that influenced his life and musical career like none other – resulting in the stirring ‘A Dream That Lasts Forever’ (also the title of another album by T.Rextasy).
‘White Christmas’ is perhaps not quite seasonal but none the less it is a cracker, cleverly fused with one of the most recognisable T.Rex riffs ever – those from ‘Hot Love’.

A good ‘cast’ is worth repeating:

Danielz – lead vox, lead guitar, acoustic guitars, BV’s
Neil Cross – rhythm guitar, BV’s
John Skelton – drums, percussion, keys
David Ryder-Prangley – bass guitar, BV’s