Tokyo Taboo played their new material at The Barfly in Camden Town yesterday evening, arriving back in London after recording their new material in L.A last week. The event was a taster and “way to gauge the audience’s reaction” Dolly said to me.

The night also features the amazing warm up bands including French ensemble The RiTch Kids from Paris and talented Elle Exxe and her band. Tokyo Taboo showcased new tracks such as Bubblelicious, Emotional Suicide, and Drowning.

Elle Exxe started the night off at 8.15pm with a band of men wearing white face paint rocking an empty stage till Edinburgh born singer Elle jumped on belting out some deep vocals. Her outfit emanated a cheerleader vibe and the band held an 80’s feel to the music.

Currently if you go to their website you can download their new song "SYNTHESISING" for free by joining the mailing list:

The Ritch Kids were an unusual duo made up of Little Voice and The Great Philip, the Paris band’s music is described as Pop-Electro-Kawaii-Punk which is spot on. With Little Voice’s unicorn onesie symbolising everything kawaii (cute in Japanese) you could feel the vocals were heavily layered to sound very high pitched and surreal. They are touring around promoting their recently released album ‘Unicorns at War’. Living with the motto Let’s have some fun… before WE die and will be touring in France on 29th June with Tokyo Taboo -

Fashionably late, show stoppers Tokyo Taboo came on stage colourful clad Dolly struts on with her pink jumpsuit - Britney Spears move over! She introduced the set with a mix of old and new material with front man Mike. Getting the crowd in the mood with some slow tracks they preformed Emotional Suicide and some ballads close to Dolly’s heart to start the show off. The crowd went wild for their titled EP song Porno Star (released last year). It was a really electric evening feeling the gradual building up of slow songs to upbeat. They also showcased their newly recorded song Bubblicious which had a new beat but the same elements of pop and rock.

Tokyo Taboo derive influences from The Cure, Led Zeppelin, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Dead Weather to nineties No Doubt. Adding the best elements of pop and rock with strong vocals and dirty guitars to their hyper stage presence. Mixing 'kawaii quirk' demonstrated in their unique attire and style mixed with american street and thift shop to make a great ensemble pleasing to the ears and eyes.

Find out more about their current tour -

Newest single Bubblicious is out 2nd October.

Photo credit: Warren Fairbairn