Teasing us with a trickle of singles, We Are Z are trying to keep the mystique that so many bands are lacking. With bands releasing albums for binge consumption, this five-piece are trying to grow their fan base with musical flirtations. It looks like the album might be out later this year but any hint of an actual release date the band are keeping very close to their chest.

The first single ‘Airbrush’ has been compared to Vampire Weekend – a fair comparison with its up beat indie pop vibe and staccato lyrics although it would be unfair to pigeon hole them. The new single ‘Walkaway’ has a darker and edgier feel to it. Think Daft Punk crossed with Scissor Sisters. It’s hard not find their songs catchy and it would be difficult to shy away from dancing and toe tapping along with their accessible lyrics and likeable beats.

Live, they describe themselves as bold and energetic and this is propelled by front man Gabriel Cazes who has all the qualities of a lead singer with his French accent, good looks, charm and theatrical attire. The feathers adorning his blazer in the video for ‘Walkaway’ hints at the flamboyant, theatrical spectacle of the live shows.

They haven’t been together long but before they teamed up they were are all musicians in their own right preforming with the likes of Beyoncé, James Morrison and The Waterboys. Music news met up with We Are Z at the Monarch in Camden to talk about working with Pharrell, the new single and an obsession with the letter ‘Z’. In this interview you will hear bass player Archie and lead singer Gabriel.

We Are Z: Gabriel Cazes – lead vocals, keyboards / Clement Leguidcoq – percussion, keyboards / Marc Arciero – bass / Guillaume Charreau – drums / Drew Wynen – lead guitar