Dexter Britain, one of the most exciting film and TV composers of his generation, is set to release a brand new album of his works in Spring 2015.

Entitled ‘Impression’, this major new collection of 12 works by Dexter Britain is thematically described as awe-inspiring, reflecting the moments in life that take your breath away.

Dexter’s new album is his first foray of 2015 away from film and creative project territory, that has been so successful for this young composer. With a huge appetite for his standalone tracks, Dexter’s fans, hailing from territories across Europe and North and Central America, have a healthy appetite for collections of his works and so Dexter has included many of his most popular works, coupled with new tracks to create this brand new long-player.

Dexter Britain is one of the rising stars of film and creative screen campaigns. This exceptional British talent rose from obscurity to becoming the must have music accompaniment to national and international creative campaigns, for a plethora of globally revered companies, including NASA, O2, Kelloggs, Nike, Ralph Lauren, GoPro and BVLGARI.
Dexter Britain’s music draws upon inspiration from strong emotions that are often indescribable and his original compositions are influenced from every manner of human feeling, such as melancholy, wonder, happiness and joy.

Impression is the first of two recording projects in 2015 for Dexter, the second of which will be a work of symphonic material recorded with full orchestra. Dexter continues to write a significant output of new material as he matures from the newly discovered trailblazer into a mature lauded compositional talent.

Impression is an emotionally charged release that ravages the senses and wires the imagination with a cornucopia of drama, passion and sentiment

Released on April 20th via all digital platforms and Bandcamp for a ‘pay-what-you-want’ option. caught up with Dexter Britain in East London to find out more. Check out our exclusive interview above.

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