Your starter for 10. You hail from Castle Donington, you’re named Metal Moth, and you’ve released an EP called Rise containing songs titled Meltdown and Metal Maniac. You are a (what) band? Teasing aside this is an assured debut from Metal Moth.

The impressive opener Moth to the Flame neatly folds classic metal and Metallica speed, with some techy power metal riffing. One More Time continues in the thrashy vein though does sounds a little dated. With Meltdown they slow the pace down as they go for a mid-paced heavy chugger. The EP closes with Metal Maniac which initially sounds as if they are heading into the darker areas of the metal universe but actually turns into quite a bouncy rocker.

All in all, this first EP from Metal Moth is not the most original work you are going to hear. However, they are tight, happily riffing away with the best of them, but they also have an ear for a melody, and that’s a good foundation to work from.