Their ‘Best Of’ album contains track after track of beautiful bass lines, romantic acoustic rhythm, and the distinctive, charming vocals of John Grant (lead).

This collection of the Czars’ most popular material creates an archive of some of the most heart-warming songs ever made by the band, the kind of sounds everyone needs in their lives to help them relax, wind down, and embrace the world around them. If I could describe The Czars’ Best Of album as anything, it would be ‘time-out music’, as their mellow musical tunes make my senses melt into a sedate state—which allow you to take a ‘time out’ from the manic rush that is reality.

If you’re expecting fast-paced, heavy rock n’ roll-- then this album is not for you. This 18 track anthology is aimed for more mature listeners, who enjoy easy-going vibes from their music. The best tracks are; ‘Rogers song’, a masterly melancholy melody with a strong rhythm, and ‘Anger’ which contains the blissful tunes from a piano with enchanting electric guitar riffs added to spice up the song.

This album is perfect for a late night drive, or when sipping on a cappuccino inside a cosy coffee shop. It’s synonymous with relaxation—and is a necessity in everyone’s musical life.